Projekty rządowe

1. David Morehouse Remote Viewing on Fox News 2001

2. HAARP rings’ and ‚Scalar squares’ — Frequency Weather Mod Exposed on TV

3. Military Mosquito Robots Collecting DNA & Blood!  [OSTRY]  Zobacz PL

4. New Area 51 Books Tell Of Slow Gradual Disclosure to the Public 4-4-13

5. Pine Gap secrets

6. Andrew D. Basiago-„Destination Mars: The Third Whistleblower” – 4.28.12

7.  Pine Gap – Australia’s Area 51


UFO, Obcy i inne skrzaty:)

1. The COMETA Report  [Lisadora]  Zobacz PL

2. Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia

3. NASA’s Edgar Mitchell „Aliens Exist & Government Cover Up is Real” – Fox News

4.  British Hacker found evidence of ‚alien spacecraft’ & ‚non-terrestrial officials’ – via Fox News

5.  Melinda Leslie – MILAB Abductee & Researcher 2009 Promo R.WMM

6. FBI Attempts To Explain UFO Memo – March 28, 2013

7.  Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23-24 Australian TV

8. For believers, UFO truth is out there



Teorie spiskowe

1. Michael Hastings death gets more suspicious: Police told not to comment & refuse to provide report [Anonim] Zobacz PL




1. HITLERS NWO Agenda Speech by President Roosevelt 1941 [OSTRY] Zobacz PL



1. Americans Dont Know WHY We Celebrate….. the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!  [OSTRY] Zobacz PL


2. 30 Second Update – Russian Meteor Shot Down:CONFIRMED

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