Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Vatican 100 Lire Coin 1985 Pope John Paul Vatican 1985 Commemorative Coin (Catalog PDF)

This Vatican’s „chemtrail coin” was minted in 1985 just as NASA began to indoctrinate school children into accepting chemtrails as normal clouds. A clip from Rosalind Peterson’s excellent 2010 discussion confirms the deliberate science fraud and mind-washing of school children is now in effect with forced vaccinations next on the NWO agenda.   VIDEO: Peterson’s complete presentation

Chemtrails Crucifixion of Christ

Complete Video – Frederick Wust Jr.

PHOTOSHOP ALERT:  The „clouds” in the image presented in the video by Fredeick Wust as „chemtrails” appears to be photoshopped.  Compare Wust’s image to the documented image posted on Wiki.

See Documentation of original painting: „Ecce homo” by Antonio Ciseri. Circa 1860 – 1880 (PDF)  (HERE)   (HERE)

Barabbas Ecce homo Side by side reveals photoshop

NASA Promotes Science Fraud to Indoctrinate School Children…

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